RACER V3 Svart/Rød Dame str. L Tilbake
RACER V3 Svart/Rød Dame str. L
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Thanks to improved ergonomic cutting and strategically
placed 1.5 mm Yamamoto 40 panels, the Racer provides the
best fi t for comfort, warmth and speed. Designed to maximize
buoyancy,reduce drag and maintain streamlined body
position, the Racer is the optimal wetsuit.

• Yamamoto 39 & 40 super stretch, SCSCoated:
- 5mm neoprene panels:
maximizes buoyancy and reduces drag
- 4mm neoprene panels: streamlined
body position
• Bio stretch zones: - 1,5mm panels under
arms and lower back
• Thermo-Guard technology: on chest,
• shoulders and legs to maintain body heat
• Back zipper: easy removal