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Electronic Navigation Console ENC3 - full set Tilbake
Electronic Navigation Console ENC3 - full set
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For mer informasjon: SEACRAFT ENC3

SIMPLY AND SAFELY TO THE DESTINATION - an innovative navigation console created by divers for divers.

For years, divers have been traveling the immense depths of waters. Thanks to Seacraft SPVs, they dive deeper and farther, crossing new borders, exploring new caves and finding new wrecks.
Each of us, regardless of whether we dive recreationally, technicallyt, or profesionally must reach the destination, then safely return to its base, all the time keeping the orientation underwater.
This is not always easy and obvious, especially with poor visibility, complex tasks or high speeds and distances that can be achieved thanks to modern DPVs.
Seacraft offers a range of innovative products created by engineers, whose diving experience combined with engineering knowledge allows to perfectly adapt products to the needs of other divers.
Electronic navigation console supporting underwater navigation - ENC3 is a evolutionaly device, and only one is a revolutionary device, and only one so compact and powerful navigational underwater tool available on the market.

01 SAFETY The device supports underwater navigation.

It helps in quickly and surelky reaching the destination and safely returning to the base. Constant awereness of the location under water, reducing the stress associated with loss of orientation, especially in poor visibility significantly improves the safety and comfort of diving. The ENC3 console is recommended for the implementation of complex tasks requiring precision and good orientation.

02 CURRENT PARAMETERS ENC2 continuously calculates and indicates:

- current distance and direction to the destination,
- velocity underwater, - estimated time of arrival, - the total driven distance, - distance and direction of return to the base.

03 ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONS The console has a number of additional functions:

- records the entire route - distance and changes of direction,
- records the depth profile,
- recorde the location of important route points,
- allows data transfer to a computer,
- allows to configure functions, - has the ability to expand and update the software.

04 ORIENTATION The navigation console informas the diver about the basic dive parameters and indicates:

- current depth of diving,
- current direction of movement,
- time o diving,
- hour, water temperature.

05 CONSTRUCTION Like other Seacraft products, the ENC3 console is a sophisticated professional-grade device:

- construction precisely made of a special aluminium alloy,
- housing resistant to large depths and impacts, tested at a depth of 350m,
- a dedicated holder for the Seacraft DPV,
- dedicated accessories, including to DPV of other brands,
- can be used without a DPV.

06 PRECISE SENSORS The device contains precise sensors:

3D magnetometer, 3D gyroscope, 3D accelerometer, pressure sensor, temperature senson, GPS module (GPS, GLONASS, Beidou), automatic or manual adjustment of display brightness, 2.4-inch TFT display with 320 cd/m2 brightness, built-in Li-Ion battery 3.7 V, 5Wh. Versions with speed and distance measurement are supplied with a dedicated external speed sensor.